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Leading Connective Touch® is a dedicated team of researchers, academics and entrepreneurs whose 12-year mission IS to enable everyone to benefit from biometric technology.

To that end, we have also established the Global Biometric Centre of Excellence, a leading and first Trade Association for Biometric Technology, covering all modalities including facial and iris recognition—to ensure the highest standards are maintained and that pioneering knowledge can be shared for the good of all.


Connective Touch® is driven by the desire to support and serve its customers. It is a desire stemming from respect, manifesting in excellence, and applied with integrity and passion.


The Connective Touch® mission is to provide greater use value to the customer than the cash value paid for the product.

meet the team

Ms Devi SohantaCEO and Founder
For over 25 years, Devi has focused her energies on bringing new products and services to market that can deliver real benefits to people’s lives, and heading up a series of projects that have achieved positive social change. She has pioneered new ways to refine and apply biometrics to make the technology accessible to a far wider group of sectors. This has set standards and encouraged collaboration within the global biometrics industry, and was awarded the Most Innovative Social Enterprise in the World in 2017, for her work with involving people with learning disabilities and biometrics.
Marcia GrahamSales and Business Development Manager, Vancouver British Columbia
Marcia Graham is a sales and business development professional at Connective Touch. Previously, she worked in corporate development as a business developer, client services and investor relations at a tech company and in the mining industry. She graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Masters of Arts Degree and a Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration — major in International Business from North Island College. Marcia is passionate about business growth and with her high-level skills in customer service and sales, she has helped to drive additional business to the company's portfolio that mature into a key revenue generator. 
Richard DiackDirector
Principle Installer and Trainer
Richard is a highly disciplined individual who ensures that the quality of his work and others is neat, consistent and checked for good practice, leaving the projects, customer or leading consultant with clear documentation and an easy way of contact for post install technical support. Richard was instrumental in training electrical installers in Summerside PEI in 2019 and has a growing business with installing smart technology to homes for vulnerable people. Home automation is an area that he has designed and developed systems with much success.
Carl DaviesAdvisory Board Member
Extremely well organised individual with 10 years of leadership experience and developed communication skills. 19 years of progressive experience in solution delivery with financial consulting and project management background. Carl has considerable knowledge related to finance controls and statutory regulations pertinent to the North American market, including fraud and digital ID consulting.

Advisory Board

Dr. Peter Waggett
Leading the Emerging Technology Programme (ETP) at IBM’s Hursley Laboratory, Peter and his team consists of 40 scientists and technologists, who provide ‘leading edge’ innovation across a range of projects and products, including biometric systems and technologies.
Dr. Tim Pascoe
Tim is the Director of the Griffin Research and Consultancy Limited, a leading international community safety and crime prevention company. Dr. Pascoe has published over 100 journal & magazine articles and reports and lectures all over the world.
Dr. Yunfei Chen
Dr. Chen received his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, in 1998 and 2001 respectively. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Canada in 2005.
Mr. William (Bill) Taylor
Connective Touch® benefits from Bill’s many years of marketing specific to technical products experience. He supports at every opportunity when requests are made of him from the Team. Previously he was senior project manager, leading the technical marketing project team at the University of Warwick Science Park Ltd based in Coventry UK. The project team has delivered strategic marketing support, mentoring and market development projects to over 600 regional clients to date.
Dave MaherPEI Summerside
Starting as an apprentice electrician in 1998–2001 Dave has worked his way up in acquiring a full understanding of standards and legalisation in electrical wiring and installation both in the UK and Canada. This included work for Barclays Bank. He has in excess of 22 years overall and over 13 years in Canada, Dave Maher holds responsibility for technical and installation coordination operations of the Connective Touch product range. Supporting and enabling installers and security contractors to get technical support, necessary data sheets and wiring diagrams and plans. He excels at troubleshooting, job planning and electrical management along with diagram interpretation.
Jody JonesAdministrator and Finance
Jody’s detailed work keeps all areas of finance and business administration on track. Her ability to pay attention to detail is excellent.
Gary SkeggsGJS Coventry Ltd
With over 15 years in the field of CAD and enclosure design specialising in the automotive sector, Gary brings his immense know how to improve our enclosure’s to ‘commonise’ the use of them from an installer perspective resulting in a fully commercialised product.
Dr Saivash EsfahaniElectronic engineering and sensor technology
Saivash is leading the way in terms of sensors and testing of them in the UK. Based at Warwick University he has looked at a novel way of improving our algorithms so that performance can be enhanced on the existing reliable and fast product range.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson is a motivated serial entrepreneur, enterprising employee, and community leader. Through this entrepreneurial work, Michael has earned many milestones including being awarded the title of the Greater Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce 2018 Student Entrepreneur of the Year. Michael is now taking his years of entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales experience and applying them to the biometrics industry through Connective Touch®.

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Improvements and development related to the growth of the business and its related products have been supported by Paul Ryan of RTR Services, Catherine Strand of Strand Hardware and Jag Kundhi of k3 Innovations. Based in the UK, they continue to offer their valuable knowledge and expertise as and when needed.
Advisory Board member Bill Taylor (right) from the Connective Touch® Advisory Board in deep discussion with Team Members about product improvements.

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