Flexi Plus— Connective Touch® Flexi Plus

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FLEXI PLUS — The baby of the product family but packs a punch like no other on the market. It delivers what the installers have asked for. PLUG & PLAY. Add the reader with a simple plug function. Add users with the ComPad 15 metre cable that secrets itself into the sleeves of the door frame and located a distance, without compromising the fast response time will be to improve the functionality so that its works with UPVC and composite doors.

Small indoor or outdoor enclosure that fits and matches UPVC or aluminium commercial doors. In a box at price to the end of user of $380.00 plus installation and fittings.

The Connective Touch® Flexi Plus is an electronically operated door locking solution that uses registered fingerprints to control access.

The Flexi Plus unit can be used on a cable running up to 15 metres.


Connective Touch® has a national help desk, manned by the people that designed and developed Connective Touch®, ensuring that all end users can fully understand the potential of their product and how to maximise the benefits, safe in the knowledge they can trust the support and advice they receive.

The help desk provides both technical support and warranty advice, working in conjunction with you are our approved Connective Touch® support and installation teams.

System specifications

Dimensions (Without Handles)
PSU Unit: 12V DC 1A
Note: Backup battery 12V 7aH (not supplied)
Reader Dimension: 28x28x15 mm
Finish colour: Black/White/Chrome
Lock Compatibility
Standard Strike & Magnetic Lock
Fail Safe/Fail Secure Operation
NO/NC Trigger for Auto Doors
Max Lock Current – 0.8 A

Electrical specifications

12V PSU Unit: 1 Amp
Reader: 5V Via Relay PCB 0.1 A Max
ComPad: 2xAA* Batteries
*Alkaline Duracell Recommended (supplied)


Operating temperature
Flexi unit: –20ºC / +85ºC
–4F / +185F
ComPad: 0ºC / +50ºC
32F / +41F

Once installed, up to 150 fingerprints can be enrolled onto the unit. Upon sensing a finger placed in the sensor area, the unit “wakes” and enters the scanning and print matching stages. The unit comes as (pictured) and runs from A/C power. Compatibility with most internal doors means the Connective Touch® Flexi Plus can be quickly installed to provide robust and reliable access control at an affordable price.

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  • Easy installation
  • Minimises disruption
  • Compact & versatile
  • Customised branding facility
  • Simple enrolment
  • Unique IP protected invention that allows it to be fitted to 90% of existing door handles
  • Fast response time
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