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Unique 3D & 4D Biometric Sensor Technology
encrypts finger print reader making it
difficult to fake enrolment or verification.

Connective Touch® has the highest level of security authentication. 100% confidence level of secured spaces. Protect secured areas, restrict access to people who are not authorized. This technology is proving popular in buildings that need secure access and particularly where personal safety is high on the agenda.

The leading voice for the automatic door industry ADSA exists to promote the highest standards in automatic doors and to help specifiers and customers obtain the best solution for their requirements in the UK. Their offices in Tamworth are secured using the simple to use biometric Flexi retrofit system.

Above fast-growing IT company and software plications business has expansive gaming laptops and other essential video equipment secured by the Flexi system.

Connective Touch® provides a simple secure reliable biometric solution that is the answer for thousands of businesses. The daily access into the building without a handful of keys has made life easier for staff at Community Connections on Water Road Summersdie PEI.

‘NEW’ Normal Working
post lockdown
Asset protection is vital in maintaining inventory. Recent events related to Covid-19 and the ‘new’ normal way of operating highlights the need to secure empty offices with lower number of staff coming in, and lone working. IT equipment, laptops and data contained is highly important to business owners.
Case 1: Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School gets Security Upgrade. Safeguarding personal details for each child is highly confidential and private. Primary school leads the way by securing school at the touch of their fingers.

Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School located in Oakdale takes the first step in embracing Biometric Technology. Headteacher Craig George, as he gives his views on how the Connective Touch Flexi unit has benefitted him personally to safe guard children’s data and personal information that gives comfort to both parents and provincial government funding schools in the region.

Case 2: Summerside Electric

Summerside Electric see the benefit of integration of biometrics and their access control and use as an excellent management tool. The value we put into testing puts us ahead of the changes that emerging technology in the field of biometrics is facing. Achieving recognised standards are vital to ensure consistency in performance.

Hydraulic rig confirms 75,000 activations before any debris is noted in the working of the system.

Case 3: Securing success at leading legal firm

The project saw AB Access Control, the latest division of aluminium manufacturing and installation company AB Glass, undertake the installation of a Connective Touch Flexi Gold unit, including biometric door readers, high security video entry and keypad access control. The new system offers efficient entry using fingerprint recognition, alleviating the need for access via swipe cards and pin codes. Justin John, director at AB Access Control, said: “We are very proud to have partnered with Connective Touch® on this project, a research and development company with offices in Wales that manufactures bespoke access control products. It specialises in fingerprint biometric technology, as such providing the next evolution in access control and security solutions. Expanding the range of products we can install for our clients through such valuable partnerships enables us to deliver the most innovative technologies to those businesses that are increasingly mindful of the need to invest in their security system.”

Photo caption (L–R): Justin John, director of AB Access Control; Denise Warlow, business resources manager at JCP Solicitors; Alan Brayley, managing director of AB Glass.

Case 4: Making a difference to Christine

The simple easy to use fingerprint handle provides comfort and convenience to Christine, and supports her carers to know that she is safe.

(Inside Assistive Technology with Phil Tanner)

Case 5: We work with Health Professional and Smart Homes offering independent living to the vulnerable

A dedicated room has been set aside at the Carmarthenshire Living Centre. The Connective Touch Flexi unit has attracted interest from healthcare professionals and visitors from the community.

“We wanted to ensure that citizens could purchase themselves. The building is also used as a training venue and a place where individuals, families and Groups can come and experience the equipment in a setting that is similar to a home setting. The building is still being “finished” and We are gaining input from professionals in the community to ensure that it is used by as many people as possible” said Paul Faulkner responsible for the management of the smart house.”

Why should you use Connective Touch®?
Protection against data loss
When you integrate biometric technology into security applications, your employees, customers, visitors and or business partners no longer need passwords, cards or tokens that can be exchanged or stolen. Proprietary data is more secure when protected by biometric data alone.
Highest level of security authentication
100% confidence level of secured spaces. Protect secured areas, restrict access to people who are not authorized. This technology is proving popular in buildings that need secure access and particularly where personal safety is high on the agenda.
Protection against fraud
With biometrics, there is no reason for customers, visitors, suppliers to continually send credit card numbers or other sensitive information over the Internet.
Easy installation and fully integrated software
Managed from one system including integrating into all systems (fire alarm, CCTV, etc.). Installation without disruption to other legacy systems in the organization..
Quick and easy access control
Biometric fingerprint access innovation provides quick and effective access control capability and does away with the need for fobs, keys, proximity devices and hard-to-remember keypads.
Peace of mind
Reduces the fear of a potential security breech from unwanted personnel or unauthorized visitors. Fingerprints can’t be passed around like Fobs or swipe cards.
Lower support costs
Biometric systems eliminate help desk calls for forgotten passwords or PINs. (An American national survey showed that help desk calls for forgotten passwords cost $150 to $300 annually per person for every person on the system!).
Customer Service and Technical Support
High level of customer support and quick response time. Save money on the cost of lock and swipe card replacement every time an employee/visitor loses cards or keys and or leaves the organisation.
a proven Smart, reliable and cost-effective solution for everyone
“We have been using the Connective Touch Flexi Gold to control access to our indirect stores installed in 2017. Since controlling the access better, we have seen improved stock accuracy and elimination of stock outs which has helped improve the downtime on our equipmen. We are very pleased with benefits from such a cost effective and simple system to administer.”

Mark Langshaw MBE, Plant Manager
AMS HBS OP EBB GM, Continental Teves UK Ltd

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