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Partnerships working together to achieve a common goal and serve the benefits of our products and service is imbedded in our belief of true collaboration and teamwork. We work closely with a fast-growing network of installers keen to develop their business… and manufacturers and distributors of other security equipment who want to add our range to their offer of expertise.
Reciprocal learning and exchanging knowledge leading to outstanding installation and integration of biometric technology is important to enable their businesses to grow, as ours will grow alongside.

Our aim is to keep in touch

Connective Touch pledges pick up your questions 24/7 and as best is possible around the clock, through the website and online facility, and you can reach out to our network members who can respond to any queries and post install technical back up and support.

We have a dedicated member of staff who will pick your questions and reply, however if you prefer to talk to any one of us call on +1 (902) 439 0675 and leave a text message or WhatsApp toll free anywhere on 00+44 (0) 788 3037780.

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